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Hello everyone,


We recently moved back into the wood streets area after 10 years away. We greatly missed it here. In the three weeks that we have been in the new house, we painted the outside and pulled out the lawn. Below you will see some of the pics of the result of a few weeks of planning and a busy weekend. we have finished the left side of the front yard. Just started the right side and have some ideas for the divider between the sidewalk and the street.


Once the front is done, we will be putting in 10-15 garden boxes in the rear yard. Still working on the plans for that.


Before we planted


Finished half of front yard


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Comment by Steve Caddel on January 7, 2012 at 5:00pm

Hi Jacqueline,

Thanks for the comment. I would definitely say that anyone could do this. We hired a gardner to remove the lawn from the front (was about $300 to remove the lawn, 4 or 5 old oversized bushes, and a medium sized tree in the backyard). From there it was all my wife and me.

We did not use landscaping fabric, however, we would if we were to do it again (we may actually remove the mulch and put it down around the plants). The mulch we got for free from the Agua Mansa Transfer Station (1830 Agua Mansa Road). If you live in Riverside they will give you as much mulch as you want for freeeeeeeeeee. Since this blog we have done the other half of our front yard. We did not use mulch on that side, and I am honestly torn on which side I like better.

We did not install a drip system. We simply hand water the front yard twice a week, depending on temperature. Keep in mind that this type of yard takes more water during the first year, after that it will require much less water.

I would say that an average homeowner could do this with out much problem. The hardest part was figuring out which plants we wanted to use, how far to space them apart (it is important that you space them based on the size they will be when they are mature, usually 3 feet apart or so).

You are always welcome to drive on by and check it out, we live on Homewood Ct.

We are currently in the process of putting in 15 "Square Foot Gardening" boxes in the backyard (each box is 16 square feet). Yard is cleared, boxes are built. We just have to lay down the landscape fabric (learned our lesson from the front yard), put the boxes down, and get ready for planting. In the back we will have three foot walkways between the boxes and there we will be using gravel instead of mulch.

Good luck and my best advice is just go for it and have fun.

Here is a link to more pictures of the project and the garden boxes.




Comment by Jacqueline Potochny on January 3, 2012 at 11:01pm

Hello Steve,


Your yard looks awesome!  I'm inspired to rip out my lawn and do the low water idea, but I must admit that the undertaking is overwhelming.  How did you rip out your lawn?  Did you rent a sod cutter or did you use a shovel (please tell me there's an easier way).  It looks like you replaced your lawn with mulch and I was wondering what kind of mulch did you use and did you use a landscaping fabric underneath it?  Did you consider using d.g. or gravel?  Did you install a drip system for irrigation?  How doable a project is this for the average homeowner or is professional intervention needed (both psychologically as well as someone to do the grunt work of the garden installation).





Comment by Kelly on November 29, 2011 at 4:32pm

Hey Steve, looks great!  It's Kelly from (former) NFFC sales!  Hope you guys are well.  Happy to see you move out of E-Vale for Wood Sts, had no idea you were ever there before!

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